My Gram is a Believer in Chiropractic Care

13 May 2017

My grandmother fell down three steps about three months ago, and she didn’t truly recover from it until I stepped into the picture. She had gone to her doctor, and he prescribed therapy for her because she had hurt her leg. The therapy was good for her, but it was not enough. She was still in a lot of pain, and the doctor just wanted to give her more pain pills for it. When she told me that, I urged her to let me make an appointment for her with my chiropractor in San Francisco.

She lives on the outskirts of town, but she does come stay with me usually twice a month so we can go see a play or have a nice meal out. I told her that I would schedule her an appointment for the next time that she was in town with me, and I would stay quiet about it from that point on if she was not happy with the appointment. Continue Reading »

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I Have Restful Nights of Sleep Once Again

19 Feb 2017

I was not sleeping very well, and that was affecting every area of my life. I was grouchy with my family, I was slow at work, and I was not able to do the extracurricular activities that I have always enjoyed with the same amount of vigor. My friendships were suffering too, because I was quite the social butterfly before sleepless nights took over my life. When one of those friends suggested that I see a San Diego chiropractor for help, I admit that I was befuddled by that idea.

I knew that chiropractors helped people who were in car accidents or who had back pain, but I did not know that poor sleeping habits was part of their specialty. I was not being sarcastic at all, because I was willing to try whatever would help me. Continue Reading »

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The Kink the Neck That Didn’t Go Away

18 Feb 2017

Ever had a kink in your neck that didn’t go away? Fortunately a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ helped make it go away, but it was a long road before I got to that point. It started out like they usually do: I woke up in the morning for work and noticed I had a stiffness in my neck. I shrugged it off and went to work. It happens. Usually they clear up and you don’t give it another thought. This one didn’t go away, however. Each successive morning it was there, but worse. By the end of the week I could no longer move my head to the left.

Now that was worrying. It got so I was afraid to go to sleep, not that I was getting much sleep at that point. I was also taking way too many Ibuprofen tablets in an effort to combat the pain. I tried hot showers, compresses, Icy Hot, and ice cubes wrapped in a wash cloth. Nothing happened. Continue Reading »

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I Found a Natural and Healthy Way to Get Help

16 Feb 2017

When I was a teen, I really couldn’t understand why I was so flat chested. Most of my friends did not have that problem. I wasn’t trying to look a certain way for men, I just didn’t want to look like a flat board in all the clothing that I wore. I feel that same way now. But surgery is very costly. It’s not something that I can afford in this lifetime either. I found myself thinking that there might home remedies for breast enhancement that I could find online. The more I thought about it, the more I was sure that I could find something that would work. I also hoped that I could find a remedy that was natural, and was sure that I could. I was very right on both accounts. I like living a good, clean, healthy life.

I would say that I got into being a healthy person because I watched both my grandparents and my parents not take care of themselves. My grandparents never made it to age 70. They both smoked, ate horrible diets and lived very stressful lives. Continue Reading »

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I Am Pain Free Now

05 Jan 2017

I honestly did not very much about chiropractic care. I knew that it had something to do with getting help in the back and neck areas, but that was the extent of my knowledge. When my doctor suggested that I visit a Bakersfield chiropractor for pain I was having in my shoulder, I told him I wanted to look further into it first. I was not about to go to a chiropractor without understanding a lot more about what one does and how they go about attaining results that a regular doctor cannot.

I was really amazed when I read everything I did about chiropractors. I had no idea that they were able to do as much as they can. I also had no idea that they undergo a lot of the same training as doctors, and that it is not just a one or two year program that they go to at a community college. If you have never needed a chiropractor, how would you know this stuff? That is why I am glad that I went online to learn more, because I really did get an education. Continue Reading »

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My Husband Needed to Do the Right Thing for Himself

05 Jan 2017

It is rough trying to get my husband to get any type of help for his health when he needs it. He thinks it’s tough to just stick it out on his own and that’s more manly. But then he ends up whimpering and moaning in the bed when he has pain or is sick. He doesn’t make the connection very well, so it’s up to me to steer him right. Last week I made him get to the Santa Rosa chiropractor down the street from us after watching my husband roll around in bed moaning for 4 straight days. He’s not someone who likes to call in sick, but the man could barely stand up, much less day due to pain.

My husband had been working on the house a lot. Continue Reading »

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Thank You, Dr. Levine, for Giving Me My Life Back!

05 Jan 2017

While hiking in Boulder Creek, I felt a twinge in my lower back. After spending several days using the usual home remedies–ice, heat, rest, sleeping on a hard surface, ibuprofen–the pain only seemed to get worse. It hurt just to buckle my seatbelt or put on my shoes. The pain started to extend into my legs, and that’s when I knew I needed some serious help.

I decided to try a chiropractor. I looked at several different San Jose chiropractor s and found Dr. Levine’s practice. After just one session with Dr. Levine, I felt much better. The pain in my legs was greatly reduced, and I had a range of motion in my back that I hadn’t had in several days. No more wincing when I looked over my shoulder! After that, I went back to Dr. Continue Reading »

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Hurt Playing a Young Man’s Game

21 Dec 2016

My husband has a habit of asking everyone for advice other than the one who should be giving it. Here’s an example of something he did just earlier this year. He and some friends were playing a game of football with a group of kids from the neighborhood. Things got very competitive when the kids took the lead, and my husband tried to catch a long pass to tie up the game. What he managed to do was twist his body in ways it shouldn’t have. Instead of going to a Fort Myers chiropractor right away, he and his friends diagnosed his aches and pains themselves.

I don’t know if that is just a guy thing or what. He came home and had me put heat and ice on it, alternating between the two. He also took some pain pills, had me massage him throughout the day, and even had our youngest daughter walk on his back. Continue Reading »

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A Chiropractor Can Help with Carpel Tunnel

20 Dec 2016

A lot of people who are constantly on their keyboards have developed a painful condition called carpel tunnel. I had heard of it before, but I really did not understand it because I just never experienced the tingling in my hands and arms that is common to people who are suffering with it. Well, that is until I did, anyway. When my fingers started feeling numb, I initially dismissed it until it simply would not go away. I knew that I needed to do some research because I wanted to catch any problems early and see a chiropractor in Sacramento if need be.

I knew that catching a problem early on meant that there was a better chance for success. I read everything I could about carpel tunnel, because I wanted to make sure that is what I was experiencing, and I also wanted to see which kind of professional I should see first about it. Continue Reading »

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Getting Faulty Fillings Replaced Isn’t Easy

15 Dec 2016

Getting fillings that keep falling out wasn’t easy until I did a search online for a Fremont dentist who actually knew enough about the profession to make a filling that would stay in my mouth. I don’t know what it is with my teeth, but I’ve gone through more fillings than anyone else I know. The darn things just won’t stay put. It’s not even a matter of what I’m eating. I’ve lost fillings drinking a chocolate shake and while eating pudding. How is that even possible?

I don’t know if it is my genetics or what, but I despaired of ever getting a filling that would last longer than a couple of years. Continue Reading »

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My Back Trouble Needed a Multifaceted Approach to Fix All the Problems

12 Dec 2016

Back pain should be investigated. You should not ignore it. Your first stop should be your regular doctor. If you hurt yourself, you could have a torn muscle or ligament. If you have lower back pain for no reason, it can be anything from a kidney problem to even a urinary tract infection. Nerve damage in diabetics can cause all kinds of weird pains. Most have heard of peripheral neuropathy, but autonomic and proximal neuropathies also exist. Now when my back pain was just caused by years of poor posture, my Cumming chiropractor helped me out a lot.

You have the cervical area of your spine up at your neck. Then you have the thoracic area, and that is around where your chest and upper abdomen are. Then there is the lumbar region, and that is your lower back. Continue Reading »

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How to Fix a Stiff Back?

15 Sep 2016

I have not really had this sort of problem before, but I sort of wonder if I did not hurt my back a couple of weeks ago when I was out with my cousins on the lake. They have a bunch of jet skis and we had a few beers before we went out on the lake and rode them around. I did not really have much experience with them and I wrenched my back a little. Now I am wondering if I need to find a chiropractor in Chicago because I sort of think that a doctor is not going to be able to do me a lot of good. Continue Reading »

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I Was in Pain Every Day

22 Jan 2016

I was in a car accident a few years ago. I was able to heal from my major injuries without any incident, but I had lingering pain that I figured was just a new part of my everyday life. When I moved a few months ago, I had to find a new family doctor, and he is the one who suggested an Orland Park chiropractor for me. He told me that pain is not normal, and I should not have to deal with it on a daily basis, especially at my age.

My former doctor never suggested a chiropractor for me, basically indicating that pain was a part of daily life for some people. When I asked my new doctor about his views, he explained that doctors and chiropractors have different roles in patients’ lives. He told me that he can help me manage the pain, but a chiropractor would be able to help diagnose why I am in pain and perhaps correct it. Continue Reading »

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My Neck Was Always Hurting Me

18 Jan 2017

I started looking at San Francisco chiropractors a few years ago when I knew that I had to do something about the chronic pain that I was in. I chose to go to a chiropractor because the pain was in my neck as well as my shoulders, and it would even travel all the way down my arm at times. I figured that a doctor of chiropractic should be able to figure out what is going on since it all seemed to stem from my neck area. I went to a chiropractor that is only a few blocks from me, mainly because they were close and accepted my insurance.

That is not the reason I still go to them, though those are two nice features. No, the reason I still go to the same chiropractor every month is because he was able to help me with the pain I had been having. It was such a simple fix too, and I was surprised that no one else had even mentioned that it could possibly be a pinched nerve. Continue Reading »

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Does Not Look Like We’ll Get What We Are Owed

05 Jan 2017

Jack and I realized pretty quickly that we were at the back of the line when it comes to this deal. There was a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney representing the people who owed us the money, which was a good bit of cash for the two of us. However it did not look like too much when you compared it to what they owed the banks and some other folks. It is a certainty that the banks are always going to be the first people in line. We knew that going in and it did not surprise us that they were there with a small army of lawyers, in fact we expected as much. Continue Reading »

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Say Goodbye to the Back Pain

05 Jan 2017

When I hurt my back on the job recently and had to seek out the services of a chiropractor in Sacramento, I thought twice about it. I was raised in a household with a father who was a very successful physician and his opinion of chiropractors wasn’t good. Although having said that, I remember my mother going to one when I was young after she slipped and fell in the kitchen and she received marvelous care and her back pain went away and never bothered her again.

So when I pulled my back out recently, at first I thought it was just an aging body and that I tried to do too much. When the pain not only didn’t go away, but persisted and grew in intensity, I knew I needed to see a good chiropractor to consider my options. I looked online and found a great chiropractor who had exceptional reviews from clients. As I pondered my increasingly aching back, I decided to call and make an appointment. Continue Reading »

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Can You Make Breasts Get Larger?

05 Nov 2016

Of course there is always someone who has something that they want to sell to people who are gullible and I have been looking around lately at things that are supposed to make breasts grow bigger. They have stuff that you rub on them that is supposed to make them bigger and pills that you take that do the same thing. At least that is the claim that they make. If a young girl tried them, then I am sure that natural breast growth might make it seem as though it worked. However that is not the same thing. It is true that there are drugs which do cause breast growth, although they certainly could not be recommended on their merits. That is because they have this effect in young men and boys. Continue Reading »

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